Polyris services:

Polyris offers its services in the field of major accidents risks prevention, and mainly works with Seveso  classified companies (Seveso II : 96/82/CE directive and 2003/105/CE amendment Seveso II, Seveso III : 2012/18/UE).

We provide technical support and recognized expertise in the elaboration of:

  • Your Safety Report (Rapport de Sécurité), in order to demonstrate the management of the risks and to meet the requirements (article 9 and 10 of the Seveso directive). This report also integrate the determination of external emergency planning zones (in agreement with the Ministerial decree of the 20th june 2008);
  • Your Safety Study (Etude de Sûreté), which you have to join to any application for a single permit;
  • Your Hazards Identification Report (Notice d’Identification des Dangers), mandatory for the lower tier Seveso plants;
  • QRA studies (Quantitative Risk Assessment), such as the studies used in the land-use planning  purpose to determine the consultation zones around Seveso plants.

Risk assessment, based on multiple tools (bow-tie, HAZOP, PLANOP,…) is also part of the range of services, as well as consequences quantification of the accidents. These studies aim at continuously improving safety, and are a good support for a better cooperation with local authorities and emergency services.


These services take account of the latest regulatory developments, such as REACH, CLP and Seveso III Directive.