Polyris team of engineers acquired a strong experience at the Major Risk Research Centre (UMONS), which is now part of the larger Institute of Sciences and Management of the Risks, both created by Pr. Delvosalle. Their experience lean on the numerous legal documents and risk studies achieved for the companies, but also on the studies realized in the framework of land-use planning in Walloon Region.

This experience complements with the participation to international congresses and publication of papers in specialized journals, which ensures access to the latest developments in the field of risk assessment.


Our engineers work in close collaboration with your company:

  • You are involved  in the choices to be made when realizing the study
  • You get a better knowledge of your company’s risks out of the study

It’s a guarantee that the study meets your needs.

Scientific base:

  • Thanks to the experience of its engineers as researchers and to the support of the Institute of Sciences and Management of the Risks (ISMR), Polyris develops and applies methods with a strong scientific base.
  • Specific issues can therefore be tackled with original approaches, beyond conventional methods.

Company/Authorities interface:

  • Polyris engineers know especially well the expectations of regional authorities regarding external safety.
  • Our assessment tools are approved by the competent authorities.